The world of Internet offers today infinite opportunities to buy online whatever we need, but it makes it harder to find specialized products for specific needs.

Our company is specialized in the motion control of low power motors and decided to focus on the aspects about which it has developed knowledge and skills for 20 years.

Therefore, we believe we are able to advise you in the choice of the most suitable components to create your application.

We selected a wide range of micro-motors, motorgearboxes, stepping motors and power supplies all with an excellent price/quality ratio.

We think that our offering can be a useful resource for everyone that works in the R&D field and that needs a short reaction time to optimize his work.

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If you have any doubt about the most suitable choice for your product, please send us an email with all useful details about the cinematics and the working conditions of your application and you will receive our reply in less than 48 hours.